How To Get Real Instagram Followers For Free

how to get real Instagram followers for free – top 10 methods

It is very simple to increase your followers on Instagram. If you use these strategies and stay active, post consistently on Instagram then the Instagram audience will recommend your post. 

Most users said that this strategy is not working for me. Firstly I want to tell you that this is a long-term process and it takes time to work. It is not a strategy that gives 100k followers in a month, it takes more time to work.

In the starting phase of this strategy (1 – 3 months) the Instagram algorithm focuses on finding the right audience for your profile and you tell Instagram about your audience by hashtags and likes. In the second phrase, Instagram started to recommend your post to your targeted audience and your follower star increasing if you are providing a good value to your audience.

So Lets Get started :

  1. Post consistently and frequently
  2. Optimize your Instagram bio for new followers
  3. Make a point to publish Stories
  4. Use analytics to recreate your top-performing posts
  5. Experiment with different types of content
  6. Couple your posts with the community and brand-specific hashtags
  7. Respond to comments and make a good conversation with your audience
  8. Mention high-profile influencers.
  9. Run a contest
  10. Use your website as a gateway

PrePlanning to get real Instagram followers

Increasing some good Instagram followers without following is simple and a piece of cake. Before you start you need to understand How you are going to use the Instagram strategy. Before starting your Instagram account your need to understand some simple tips :

  1. What is your target audience
  2. which type of post you are creating
  3. how we are going to act more audience
  4. what is your objective with this Instagram profile

1. Post consistently and frequently

Posting consistently is the key to getting success on Instagram because no one is likely to follow you if it doesn’t have any valuable content on your Instagram profile. That’s why this is your first step in making some beautiful and valuable content on Instagram.

It is one of the most common points that everyone advises you. Showing the audience some good value on your Instagram profile is the biggest reason your audience started following you.

There are some good methods you can use to post consistently to your Instagram profile :

  1. Fix any one day a day in a month when you use your full day to find and create valuable content for Instagram profiles and post them every day.
  2. Hire someone who helps you to post on Instagram daily. Many freelancers and agencies give this facility.
  3. Use some tools that automatically post content on Instagram but you have to create by yourself.

2. Optimize your Instagram bio for new followers

Instagram bio is an about section that tells the new audience what is your profile for and what you are dealing with. You should analyze your Instagram bio because it really matters a lot in terms of audience knowledge and also in terms of the Instagram algorithm.

You should add the key phrase about ones on your Instagram bio because it helps the Instagram algorithm to know more about your business.

Most of the time the Instagram bio includes your product and services. And what kind of content you are posting on your Instagram feed. Your bio should be short, providing readers with a clear understanding of what your page is all about – in 150 characters. You should convey your message in this character length.

You should care about some points about how to optimize your Instagram bio for new followers

  1. Highlight Your Skills & Target Audience
  2. Use Relevant Keywords
  3. Add Your Contact Information
  4. Drive Traffic with
  5. Use Emojis to Space Out Your Text
  6. Add Line Breaks to Your Bio
  7. Include a Branded Hashtag

Knowledge from – later

3. Make a point to publish Stories

Stories are also a good part of creating content so this is the way to interact with your active audience and don’t make them bored. You should update your audience by posting some fun facts, information, so your audience gets excited about your upcoming stories.

There are many stories features available on Instagram where you can post the other stories in which you are tagged which are good for giving information about customer reviews to your audience.

4. Use analytics to recreate your top-performing posts

Believe me, Instagram analytics are really good to understand how to find some new followers for your Instagram page.

There are many ways that you can use Instagram analytics to understand how your audience is reacting with your profile and what type of audience are coming and liking and following you.

Instagram insights give information about:

  1. What is the age group of your audience
  2. What is the best time to post
  3. What is the best day a week when Max of the audience engaged with you
  4. Find the location of your audience
  5. Gender of your audience
  6. How many uses follow you and unfollow you.
  7. Which post is engaging more that helps you to find the right hashtags?

By using the above insights of Instagram you will find out at which time your audience is present it and the best time to post on Instagram Find the right hashtags which are working well for you and understand which gender and age group are more liking your content.

5. Experiment with different types of content

This point is somehow like the previous one where you have to understand the insights of Instagram and experiment with different types of content and three different times and hashtags.

You need to understand that testing is the most important thing in the air for every type of marketing. If you are talking about search engine optimization, social media marketing, or anything else, A/B testing is the most important key to find out what is working well for your business and what is working best for the business.

Now go and focus on that and follow these below steps:

  1. First of all, post some content on Instagram within different types of hashtags by focusing on one niche.
  2. Give them time and after hundred followers Instagram allows you to use insights.
  3. Now find out which type of post gives you morning judgment and why.
  4. Now when you find out the right hashtags, post again with new content and find out that is the right hashtag. if not again analyze your strategy.

6. Couple your posts with the community and brand-specific hashtags

You are posting on Instagram regularly. But make sure you never lose your brand because sometimes by mistakes many companies post jobs and jokes on Instagram pages. That’s why the user of that page is shifted from a targeted audience to a comedy-loving audience.

You should always make some couple posts on your community and brand-specific hashtags. Your every post must include your brand logo. Make a specific hashtag with your brand name.

7. Respond to comments and make a good conversation with your audience

It is the basic nature of humans that if you talk to someone you need to reply. That’s why if someone from your audience comments on your post or direct message you must reply Professionally.

If you have a problem with your product you should have to use that program and if users are going to give a good review to your business then you should always be thankful to them. 

One-on-one conversation is needed so users get to start trusting your business because they know if they get any type of problem you are going to help them.

8. Mention high-profile influencers.

If you find on Instagram you get some high-profile influencers who are giving reviews and testing products from your niche. 

Influencer marketing is the latest and good marketing to target that influence and give your product for free. So influencers are reviewing their product and posting on their Instagram page where they have a lot of followers.

And if your product is really valuable then there is a high chance that the followers of your influence will love your profile and follow you as well. 

9. Run a contest

Greed is the biggest trap of any type of human. It is a good way to get more followers. In contests where you provide a prize or gift to a winner. 

There may be any type of content on Instagram like

  • a person get maximum likes to win the race
  • Lucky draw
  • Referring your profile to their friends and families and maximum referring wins.
  • And there may be more types of the contest the only you need to be creative

10. Use your website as a gateway

A website offers a wide variety of benefits for small businesses, and most of these benefits increase in value exponentially year over year, just like the Internet itself.

Just think by yourself you are visiting an Instagram profile and you like their products and service but you want to know more about that business then you just dm them but if that business has a website just visit there and find all the information you want to know. So, That makes that process so simple and saves a lot of time.

Making a website is such an easy process How To Make Website And Grow Like A Pro-2021 – Step By Step Guide

How website helps you to get more 

  • A website builds trust and credibility
  • your website is all about you
  • a website is better for SEO
  • a website collects and organizes all your important information
  • your website is your 24/7 marketing assistant

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